Who We Are and What We Sell

Who We Are and What We Sell

Dream Cones Ltd. Is a Thai corporation that manufactures top-of-the-line, halal, super-premium Italian ice cream (gelato) and ice cream ingredients....

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Our Mission & Products

Our Mission

Starting a new business is always risky and expensive. Mistakes made early-on can be costly and hard to correct. We know! Sometimes I think we made them all!  We want to help you avoid those mistakes and become a successful restaurateur.

Our desserts are universally loved.  We provide EVERYTHING, all at great prices, all delivered to your nearest port.  Why search the world for the best stuff? We have it all!

We offer more than equipment! We train you and/or your chefs, provide photos, marketing, advertising and loads of advice.

Our ice cream ingredients are made in Thailand and Italy.  Both are made with real fruit, real, all-natural Italian flavors and aromas.

To become a Dream Cones franchisee is easy and inexpensive.  Our franchise fee is a faction of the cost of a Baskin, Swensen or McDonalds franchise.  There are no hidden costs.  You pay a small franchise fee and put up a performance guarantee.  There is no commission or royalty. You keep every penny you earn.

Our franchise is the least expensive, most effective way to start your own restaurant or dessert shop, hugely reduces risk and also the stress of a new startup. Join the family! Put experts on your team!

Dream Cones Training

We think training is our most important product. Anyone can just train you to make stuff.  We also train you to be a success!  Our trainees tell us that about 80% of the stuff we teach is stuff they never even thought about!  You get the wisdom of decades of experience in the food business as well as learning how to make stuff.

Our Dream Cons training is an 5-day course, starting the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. You learn how to make all of our products using our ingredients. This includes both ice cream and ice cream specialties. Graduates receive a diploma and Dream Cones Chef hat.

Our Good Apple training class is a 5-day course starting the Monday after Dream Cones training.  It is designed to teach how to make all the items on our 20-item menu. This is a five-day course, but if you think you need longer you stay longer! Graduates receive a Good Apple diploma and Chef hat.  In both cases branded chef jackets are available.

We also have a cook training course and often train replacement cooks.

Our Equipment

Our machinery and equipment comes from all over the world, mostly China and Europe.  Long ago we realized there is no free lunch.  If equipment is cheaper, it is cheaper for a reason.  We rarely sell the cheapest stuff, we try to sell the least expensive that is reliable.  Almost everything we sell is also used in our own factories and shops.  Nothing is offered to you unless we have seen it, tested it and often purchased a sample.

Our ingredients are made fresh, to order. They are all-natural, made with the highest quality ingredients and lots of real fruit.  Aromas and flavorings come direct from Italy.  Tropical flavors are made in our Bangkok factory. Temperate climate fruit and nut flavorings come for our factory in Italy.  Vanilla is all Bourbon, all-natural and loaded with flavour.

All equipment is fully warranted for at least one year. It rarely breaks. We receive service requests about once every 5 years.  Since we have hundreds of customers, this quality speaks for itself!  Ice cream machines now contain pop-out electronic modules.  These are easily replaced although none have ever failed so far.  Refrigeration equipment does need gas 1-2X/year-less often for European equipment.

Service is handled by your tech.  We ship replacement parts immediately, sent by courier. Warranty: all parts and labor for most equipment is one year or two years for European equipment.


Hot Specials

 Gorgeous cooking island: griddle, grill, fryer, 2 burner stove

Gorgeous cooking island: griddle, grill, fryer, 2 burner stove

 Delivers hot, finished food in seconds

Delivers hot, finished food in seconds

 Soft serve machine makes mouths water

Soft serve machine makes mouths water