Ice Cream Dream eBook

Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream–

How to open a retail ice cream shop–and be a success!


                                 Create a business plan for your shop

                                 Keep books and manage cash flow

                                 How to Identify your customers

                                 How to buy an existing business

                                 How to organize a management plan

                                 Should you buy a franchise?

                                 Deciding on financial structure

                                 Taking on a partner

                                 What size shop to open

                                  Interior and exterior design

                                  Equipment and supplies you need

Everyone loves ice cream– 

There is a deep satisfaction in selling something people love. Soon you will be surrounded by a group of adoring fans, who love your products and your shop. They will celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays there. Be your own boss! Set your own hours and enjoy life!

Learn the Secretes of the Trade 

The ice cream business is tough and competitive. Just having delicious ice cream won’t make you rich! We have helped hundreds of people all over the world open ice cream shops.

Location, location, location– 

—the single most important decision you can make. A shop or kiosk located three meters away from the right location is—on the moon! Learn the secretes of finding the right spot, with many anecdotes and short stories about winners and losers.

Save Money Before You Open 

There are mistakes new entrepreneurs can make early-on that are hard to correct later, can cut profits and make your life miserable. We clearly identify them and explain how to avoid them. Avoid serious errors and get the you information you need to open your own ice cream shop.

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