Viet Nam Soft Opening

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 Dream Cones in Tranh Hoa Viet Nam

Dream Cones in Tranh Hoa Viet Nam

Great Opening Day in Viet Nam

A “soft opening” is done without promotion, so the staff can begin operations without the big crowds that usually appear at well-promoted grand openings. But, that is not what happened!  There were so many customers the staff of six waitresses could not keep up and it was necessary to call in the marketing depart to help out. This was, after all, the first gelato available in Tranh Hoa and everyone wanted a taste!

Ice cream was shipped from Bangkok for the opening. On site manufacturing operations are expected to commence next month. A second shop in a swank, upscale area is under construction and two more are in planning in Saigon. The new Master Franchisee will offer franchise opportunities throughout Viet Nam and of course each new franchisee will get the extensive support from the main office in Bangkok as well as local service.