Healthy Choice Gelato

Healthy Choice Gelato

High in Protein, Low in Sugar and Fat, Tastes the Same as Regular!

Healthy Choice is the modern choice, with a whopping solids content of 29% protein, the same amount as in steak, 40% less calories from sugar and only 5% fat.  Being a skeptic, I always thought that anything healthy could not taste as good, but Healthy Choice proves me wrong! It is just as creamy and delicious as regular with the same intense flavor! Suitable for the health-conscious, weight-watchers and diabetics this all-natural ice cream can’t be beat!

Healthy Choice is an Express base, made the same way as all the others: Just add the bag of base to 2L hot water, mix, chill and add to the batch freezer. In 10 minutes, Voila! Out comes delicious gelato!

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Rich and creamy like all our products, can be made with any of our 59 flavors