About Display Freezers

Ice cream display freezers are either “static” or “dynamic.” Static freezers work like a home freezer, the walls get cold, although many of them also have blowers that circulate air. Dynamic cases have a freeze chamber located beneath the tubs. Cold air is blown both beneath the tubs and over them.

Static cases are much lighter, cheaper and have fewer parts. They are simpler and highly reliable. They can be easily moved. This makes them ideal for special events.

The disadvantage of the static case is that the ice cream sits lower in the case, making it harder to see and therefore less attractive.

Dynamic cases present the ice cream higher, making it more attractive.

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They are usually more elegant. They also have important features like heated anti-fog glass, hot-gas defrosting and a much larger compressor. But, dynamic display freezers are heavy and do not like being moved a lot. That is a job for static freezers!

Most dynamic cases have heated front glass and side glass and the better models open with a piston hinge. They have large heat radiators called “evaporators.”  They all have hot gas defrost cycles and blowers to circulate cold air.

Dynamic display freezers usually require gas about once per year. In hot climates, new cases may require the shortening of the defrost cycle which is done from the control module. We have selected what we think are the best, most elegant and stable freezers from all over the world. Suggest you check them out: